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Welcome Alumnus Member!


Welcome Alumnus Member!



The alumni seek to provide assistance and leadership to the undergraduate chapter through the CAB, or Chapter Advisory Board.  This group meets periodically to discuss the state of the undergraduate chapter, provide financial assistance and council undergraduates on the executive council. Further, it is the purpose of a CAB to provide a chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity a constant source of stability. Whereas a Fraternity’s membership will have a 100% turnover every 4-5 years, the CAB will serve as a constant resource.

The purpose of an advisor to a chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity is to provide guidance, advice and knowledge. The advisor is a teacher, a friend and a role model with a thorough understanding of the ideals and practices of Theta Chi Fraternity. An advisor is vital to the success of a chapter. A genuine commitment is the greatest guarantee of success.

Current Chapter Advisory Board

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Jimmie L. Pinkham III

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Mike Farquhar

Brandon Steenson, Marshal McGovern

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Raydell Cordell II, Dan Buras


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Get In Involved & Get In Touch


Get involved with the Delta Zeta Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity and get in touch with your Brothers, young and old! By submitting your information, you will be added to a contact list that will help keep you informed of future events and fraternity/chapter news.

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OX Trot Alumni Newsletter

OX Trot Alumni Newsletter

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Spring 2014 - First Issue


Alumni News

Alumni News

Brother David Creath Enters Chapter Eternal


It is with a very heavy heart that I pass on this piece of news. Brother David Creath passed away in his sleep early last night. He leaves behind his wife Lindsay, and three small children. I believe their ages are 5, 3 and 10 months.

David joined in the fall of 1998 after attending Doane College for a year or two playing football. He initiated11/20/1998. Roster number 567.

As of right now the family does not have a cause. They are awaiting autopsy results. He was only 37 years old.

Please keep his wife, kids, and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

I know Brothers Brian Munchrath and John Wright have been assisting the family and we will keep us all updated on what we can do as a Brotherhood to assist the family. We will also update this site when arrangements have been made.


Mike Farquhar

Fall 2014 Initiation - November 8, 2014

The Fall 2014 Initiation Dinner will take place at Greek Islands Restaurant at 6:00 P.M. The location of the Initiation Ceremony can be obtained via email, phone, or text message. For the location, please email thetachiomaha@gmail.com or call/text (402) 216-4378.


Theta Chi on LinkedIn

Be sure to join the Theta Chi Fraternity LinkedIn page, as well as the Theta Chi Alumni LinkedIn page. Both are great resources for connecting with fellow Brothers and potential future employers, employees, coworkers, and partners. The Alumni page has a lot of discussion going on right now about helping Brothers find jobs all over the country. 

Brother Raydell Cordell III featured on the front page of the Living Section of the Omaha World Herald on September 4th, 2014

Raydell Cordell III rehearses for his audition for “The Whipping Man.” The Omaha Community Playhouse is experimenting with small-group auditions in lieu of the more intimidating large-group tryouts.

Raydell Cordell III rehearses for his audition for “The Whipping Man.” The Omaha Community Playhouse is experimenting with small-group auditions in lieu of the more intimidating large-group tryouts. By Bob Fischbach / World-Herald staff writer

First Annual Theta Chi Alumni & Family Picnic Was A Success!

Thank you to all who attended the first annual Theta Chi Alumni & Family Picnic! Based on the success of this year's picnic, Chapter Advisory Board plans on hosting this every summer. It's a great way for alumni to keep in touch with each other and the Chapter.

La Vista couple (including Brother Ryan Nelson) turned love of Legos into a business (and a 'Lego Movie' appearance)

By Micah Mertes / Omaha World-Herald staff writer

In their La Vista apartment, Ryan and Meghan Nelson live with about 250,000 Legos.

In the guest room, living room and kitchen, you'll find Lego houses, Lego cars, Lego robots, Lego lamps, Lego robot lamps, Lego drink coasters, Lego city blocks, Lego earrings, Lego clocks and Lego business card holders. And then there are the dozens of containers of tens of thousands of raw Legos soon to be part of something bigger.

The Nelsons, both 31, are AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO). Their entire relationship, in fact, is sort of built around Lego.

Shortly after meeting at a mutual friend's luau party, they realized they both had a childhood love of Legos. And so they rediscovered that love as adults while also, you know, falling in love with each other. Legos became a regular date night activity. Instead of buying her flowers, he bought her Lego sets. For their honeymoon, they went to Legoland.

And then one Christmas Meghan surprised Ryan with a working lamp she made out of Legos. The first thing he said was, “This is awesome.” The second thing he said was, “We should sell these.”

That was when their passion became a business. They now dedicate every waking, non-day-job hour to MR Brick Designer (by day, he's an account manager at PayPal; she's a microbiologist).

MR Brick Designer is a two-tier business.

Meghan's the creative side, making the many aforementioned Lego items to sell on their Etsy shop and also taking the occasional custom job.

Now you might see one of her creations on the movie screen. Last summer, Ryan and Meghan Nelson got an email from Warner Bros., saying they'd like to use one of their Lego clock designs in the “LEGO Movie,” which opens Friday. The Nelsons, after finding out this wasn't a prank, excitedly agreed and signed the paperwork. They don't know at what point in the movie their clock might show up. “It could just be a flash and it's gone,” Ryan said. “I'd be happy with anything.”

Ryan's the business side, running their business site and their page on BrickLink, an unofficial Lego marketplace. For BrickLink, the Nelsons will buy Legos in bulk and break them up by color and size to sell in smaller sets. Between both sides of the business, they get between 15 to 20 orders a week.

And to do it all, they need a whole lotta Legos. So the Nelsons pay close attention to Lego sales. At a Walmart Black Friday sale, they went home with nearly 20,000 Legos.

They can just about keep up with their insatiable need for Lego pieces. But the Nelsons are increasingly running short on an even more precious commodity: time.

“It's a labor of love,” Ryan said, “but it does consume all our time.

“We're getting to that point where we're going to have make the decision about how we can continue to grow.”

And not just grow their business but grow the actual size of their products.

Their next feat? People-sized Lego furniture.

Brother Adam Duggins in the News!

Hyatt Place opens ahead of schedule in Old Market

By Paige Yowell (source: Omaha World Herald)


Omaha visitors now have yet another option when it comes to downtown lodging.

Nebraska’s first Hyatt, a Hyatt Place, is ready for reservations. The 10-story, 159-room hotel at 12th and Jackson Streets in Omaha’s Old Market held a grand opening ceremony Thursday evening attended by Gov. Dave Heineman and Omaha Chamber and city officials.

“All of this demonstrates and just shows that the city of Omaha the state of Nebraska are on the move,” Heineman said.

Other Old Market business owners were included in the ribbon cutting ceremony to show the hotel’s appreciation for its neighbors.

“The greatest aspect of the hotel is where we’re located and our neighbors,” said Adam Duggins, the hotel’s director of sales. 

The select-service hotel officially opened Nov. 1, ahead of schedule. Earlier estimates were for a 2014 opening. 

The hotel, which targets “multi-tasking” business travelers, features an indoor swimming pool; a fitness center; complimentary transportation within five miles; covered, onsite parking; free Wi-Fi throughout; a 1,600-square-foot meeting space; a coffee and cocktail bar and a Gallery Menu and Market, offering made-to-order entrees and appetizers around the clock. Each room features a 42-inch flat screen TV and a corner sectional with a pull-out bed.

About 35 employees were hired to staff the 260,000-square-foot property. A Hyatt Place is also under construction in downtown Lincoln and scheduled to open early next year.

Cordell in Radio Golf at Beasley Theater


Brother Raydell Cordell III jumped at the chance to be directed by famous actor John Beasley in the play “Radio Golf” by August Wilson. The play has closed, but was at the John Beasley Theater in South Omaha. He played the part of Roosevelt Hicks, buisness partner of Harmond Wilkes, who plans on redeveloping a part of Pittsburgh. Cordell described his part as “a man who strives for the American Dream through hard work. He is hard-driven. Conniving? Well, sure, but it’s only because he wants his goal so badly.” Cordell has taken quite a bit from his experience with working Beasley. “It was an experince,” Cordell said. “He comes from a fi lm background, which is very different from theater. He was knowledgable about the play because he had worked with August Wilson and he knew what Wilson wanted to say.” Cordell was pleased with the success of there play. “We had to go up against a few Husker games the first two weekends, but the last few weeks we were nearly sold out.” In the interview Sunday night, he also mused on the part itself. “Maturity comes with the character. I couldn’t have played him fi ve years ago.” “Radio Golf” is the last of a series of plays by August Wilson that recalls the African American experience throughout the 1900’s. There are ten plays, each one is set in a different decade. Cordell’s future plans are ambitious. This summer he plans on auditioning for a Summer program in Oxford, England and by Fall 2014 he wants to join a Masters of Fine Arts program at San Diego University, one that has a very good reputation and many notable alumni.

See the World-Herald review at:


Written by Brother Dan Mackevicius

Brother Receives NASA Grant


Brother Andrew Montgomery was recently awarded a Kerrigan Mini-Grant to do research in mathematics for NASA. The end game is to create a new way to teach math, one that stresses problem solving over rote memorization. The reason the United States has fallen behind in mathematics in the world is because the way we teach it has remained static over time. “The geometry you and I learned in high school is not the only kind. That is just a 2-D world,” he said. His project is actually rather simple. He will go to a high school geometry class and present a normal


problem which the students will solve. Then he will give the students a quick tutorial on “problem analysis”, a new way of thinking, and present to them the same problem with a few of the variable changed. Through the answers he receives herehe will then present his findings in April to a the NASA Space Grant Fellowship. He hopes to show a new way of teaching that allows the student to look at a problem and actively solve it through analysis rather than by a memorized equation. “Hopefully, it creates better scientists and better mathematicians, and more of them.”

Written by Brother Dan Mackevicius

Matt Lee In Nebraska Loves Public Schools


UNO Theta Chi alumni and current Omaha Westside High School teacher Matt Lee was recently featured in the Nebraska Loves Our Public Schools project.  Matt and his students were featured for their innovative uses of technology to promote student learning and increasing student engagement.

Click to see the video and article from nelovesps.org


Coast Guard Trains Firefighters Rescue Methods - Brother Mike Farquhar


Mike Farquhar, Omaha Firefighter Captain and Theta Chi CAB leader was recently quoted in a story about the midwest flooding.  In it, Mike talks about the bennifits of having the fire department train with the Coast Guard.

Click to read the article from KMTV.com


Lucky Bucket

Congratulations to brothers Mike and Adam Cunningham of Lucky Bucket Brewery in La Vista.  The brothers (pictured right) work at the brewery in La Vista and have seen tremendous success and growth since its founding in 2008.


According to their website: “Three of us, a dream, and a couple too many beers set the groundwork for Lucky Bucket Brewing Company. We pondered the unique flavor that comes from barrel-aged beers and experimented to perfect the process. Our passion grew with each barrel. Sometimes we’d nail it and sometimes it was laughable. But along the way, we brewed a lager we just couldn’t stop drinking. With a grin on our face and a mug in hand, we knew this was to be our first release: Lucky Bucket Pre-Prohibition Lager, our hand-crafted, session beer. The first pint was poured in January 2009 at a small pub in Omaha, Nebraska with a great response.”

They were featured in the July 27th edition of the La Vista Sun. http://www.omaha.com/article/20110727/NEWS2003/707279983#la-vista-brewery-expanding-in-leaps-and-bounds


Lucky Bucket website: http://www.luckybucketbrewing.com/

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Donations to the REgulators Housing Corporation

The Delta Zeta Chapter, as well as the Regulators Housing Corporation for the Delta Zeta Chapter, are currently in the process of obtaining non-for-profit status from the Internal Revenue Service. Both organizations are legally incorporated under Nebraska state law. 

A donation to the Regulators Housing Corporation will bring the Chapter one step closer towards having a place to call home. These donations are not tax deductible for the donor. These donations will be placed into a holding account until enough is raised for its use.